Sunday, July 30, 2006

New Mastermind: Erwin Blom, head of VPRO Digital

Erwin Blom (Wormer, 1961) is head of the digital department of Dutch public broadcaster VPRO. With a background in journalism, Blom became interested in the possibilities of new media when internet hit the Netherlands in 1994. As a radio-maker he started incorporating new media in formats for traditional media. One of the succesful projects is called 3VOOR12, a worldwide unique digital platform evolving around alternative pop music.

In 1998 Blom became head of the digital department of the VPRO. His division specialises in subjects like popmusic, film, science, history and childrens programs and is one of the frontrunners in the Netherlands when innovation is concerned. For example: the VPRO was the first broadcaster on the internet, the first to start streaming audio and video, the first broadcasting on mobile phones, the first with digital channels, etcetera. The VPRO combines new technology with new content formats. Erwin Blom received the Vosko Trofee 2005, a prestigious Dutch award for innovation.

Watch the presentation he gave on weblogs at Blognomics 2006.

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