Monday, July 31, 2006

New Mastermind: Fons Schiedon, designer/illustrator/animator/multi-talent

With Fons any latest version of a text is outdated already when you push the publish button, so check his website for the latest info.

Fons Schiedon studied illustration at the School of Arts Utrecht. As a graphic designer and illustrator he has been working on various projects through the years. In august 2001 he designed and animated the 12 episode online graphic novel 'The Killer' for Submarinechannel, based on the story and artwork of a french comic. In 2002 it received an award at the Fifi festival. Also for Submarine, he was art director and lead animator on a pilot episode for the linear and interactive childrens' television show 'The Incredible Adventures of Kika and Bob' about the little redhead Kika and the redfaced fireman Bob trying to find their way back home after being launched away from their hometown by a giant tornado.

In May 2002 he produced and directed his debut music video for belgian band 'Gorki', combining life action video, digital animation and cardboard props. The follow-up video for the same band, 'De Olifant is Grijs' is a full-animation solo project in handdrawn grayscale computer animation featuring total devastation, suffering and a pink elephant having a picknick with his two friends. It has received national and international recognition.

In 2003 and 2004 he has been involved in a wide range of projects including designs for Submarinechannel, a 3d animated interactive TV pilot and a short animation for the Amsterdam forest. He designed for, Centraal Museum Utrecht, Tulse Luper Suitcases (Peter Greenaway), MTV Netherlands and the e-culturefair in Amsterdam.
His illustration work has been published by magazines such as Rails, Esquire, Carp*, Volkskrant Magazine and WAD. As a designer he is responsible for the upcoming music related magazine Yoko Eno, has done motion graphics design on the documentary SNEAKERS (broadcast by VPRO and Onedotzero) and has recently finished a series of idents for Nickelodeon, for the rest; check his website.

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