Sunday, July 30, 2006

New Mastermind: Shari Swan, founder and CEO Streative Branding

Streative Branding, Founder and CEO, Shari Swan, helps multinationals connect more authentically with their consumers. As global marketing executive at Mexx International in the Netherlands, Ms Swan created and re-launched the brand communication in 40 countries.

At Reebok International, Ms Swan played a fully integrated role, strategising in Product Design, Marketing & Sales, Advertising, Trend Research & Development, and Strategic Management. Her work spanned the North American and Pan European markets. During this time, she also honed her understanding of the critical 18-24-year-old "influencer" consumer.

Ms Swan is a former faculty member of the University of Amsterdam's Fashion Institute. She received their single largest research grant to create a branding "think-tank", which unites fashion students and companies Worldwide. Her current company, Streative Branding consults on brand strategy for Global clients like Coca Cola, Nike, Bacardi, telecommunications leader O2, and UPC. Streative Branding's newest service, code-named Mole, is giving companies unprecedented access to consumers.

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