Sunday, July 30, 2006

New Mastermind: Thomas Castro, co-founder of LUST

LUST is a small design studio in The Hague, started in August 1996 by Thomas Castro and Jeroen Barendse. On the one hand they realize commissioned projects like books, posters, business correspondence, websites and CD-ROMs for architects, art groups, designers and publishers. On the other hand they work on self-initiated, free projects, which also include typedesign. LUST concerns the difference between ratio and coincidence, between vision and urge. From the multiplication of these terms, designs emerge that have often an autonomous character and a relation with previous LUST designs. LUST designs and philosophy do not emerge from style but from interpretation and conceptualization of the assignment. Thomas Castro and Jeroen Barendse are mainly interested in context and association. This means that their typefaces could only be made within this context. The Fonts are a part of their work as graphic designers in the same way that their design work is part of the typeface design. Everything comes together to serve the message, the idea.

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