Friday, August 11, 2006

Even more ideas: The Idea Book by Fredrik Haren

There are probably more people to make a book about ideas, but there are few who actually do it. Fredrik Härén did it. Besides he's Sweden's most popular creativity lecturer, he's the founder of whose business idea is to do business from ideas. The company acts as an idea broker between creative people and companies in need of external help in order to solve their problems. has become a role model for newly-established idea companies.

That was a good idea
— write it down!

The Idea Book is based on the premise that good ideas do not just appear by themselves: they need to be enticed out. Inspiration and motivation are two surefire ways of drawing out ideas. And it is just this that is the purpose of the book: to inspire and motivate you to come up with and write down lots of ideas.

The book contains more than 60 quick-to-read, inspiring sections about creativity as well as a host of relevant quotations by people like Albert Einstein and Ingvar Kamprad (founder of IKEA). Each section rounds off with an activity designed to help you tap your own well of creativity.

The book also contains 150 blank pages for your own ideas! When you have filled your book with notes, observations, doodles and ideas, then you will have a complete idea book.

Thomas Edison understood the importance of writing down his ideas. He always had a notebook (or ‘idea book’) on him in which he wrote down his thoughts, ideas and observations. This jotting down of ideas was something he got from Leonardo Da Vinci, who produced a large number of sketches, notes and scribblings, often written in left-handed mirror-writing.

Edison may not have used backwards or reversed writing — but one thing is clear, he did write. He jotted down an idea as soon as it came to him. Whenever he was stuck or lacked inspiration, he went back to his notebooks to see if he could come up with any new ideas from the ones he had already written down. After Edison’s death in 1931, an amazing 3,500 notebooks were found in his home.

The Idea Book hopes to follow in the footsteps of Edison and Da Vinci and motivate you to write down all your ideas. Make sure you do! Jot your idea down even if you think it is a mediocre one. Who knows? Sometime in the future you may develop a couple of roughly-written thoughts into a brilliant idea!

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