Monday, August 07, 2006

New Mastermind: Alrik Koudenburg, design director

Alrik Koudenburg (1976) is an curious, analytic, resourceful freelance design director based in Amsterdam. Working both for clients directly and for several design agencies, where he is mainly responsible for concept and strategy. He enjoys making first drafts and launching ideas at the very core of an initiative within different disciplines of design (interior/retail, product design, graphic design /interactive media, events/experiences as well as photography and film).

Once the concepts are approved, he often directs a team of creatives to execute it together. Making sure the clients gets what they need, which isn’t always what they proposed/asked for. Trying to make clients understand that life rewards people who go beyond who and what they know. His sense of what is going on at the moment, his passion and his critical eye are his strongest traits. Diversity is what drives him, wheater it’s creating his own tree-tent, a lobby bar for Heineken International or a series of high-end visibility items for the same brand. It makes work feel like playing - creating unique retail objects for Levi’s Europe, a website for Bugaboo International or helping out Nike with the very first Nike Park or a metro-women fashion event.

A selection of design agencies/clients Alrik works for: Nike Europe, Johnson+Wolverton, FHV/Content (BBDO Group), D/Dock Architects, Concern Institute (guest-teacher). For the last 2,5 years Alrik is working for ...,staat - great in making creative statements and therefore one of his favorite clients.

Alrik studied graphic design in Rotterdam, fine-art in Sweden and Industrial Design at the Design Academy in Eindhoven. He has traveled extensively and lived and worked abroad in New York/Sydney. This has enhanced his interest and ability to approach tasks in different ways.

Currently Alrik has arranged an appartment in Buenos Aires for September/October and November of this year for another work/living adventure, together with his girlfriend.

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