Tuesday, August 29, 2006

New Mastermind: Frederik Nysingh, commercial director of 178 aardige ontwerpers and board member of Texelse Boys

Frederik Nysingh graduated in 1996 from the Law faculty at the Leiden University. Because of his interest in design and communication (and having no aspiration to become a lawyer) he started an internship as account assistant at a big advertising agency, TBWA/Campaign Company.

Since than he has worked for both advertising as design agencies: TBWA/Campaign Company, Total Identity, Mattmo and (currently) 178 aardige ontwerpers. His main activities concern new business development, strategy and concept development.

Helping communication agencies to market their creativity has become an important part of his work. To develop relevant ideas and concepts for specific groups of potential clients. To create new business and enable agencies to fulfil their mission and strengthen their position in the field of communication companies.

Besides the above, Marcel Kampman asked Frederik to team up as board of the Texelse Boys Foundation. Together they initiate multidisciplinary creative encounters. Biggest result so far was the Texelse Boys Playground during the Lowlands festival in 2005.

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