Friday, August 04, 2006

New Mastermind: Joachim Baan, photographer/designer/thinker/everything else a.k.a.

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Time is a factor. It controls movements and determines your state of mind. It overhauls that notion of emotion without being vindictive to the exterior factors but a focused attention to the soul, most often through the eyes of your subject. Photography makes memories physical. Photography spells moments in miniscule details.

Photography seems like a dance to one, and not to others but yet the similarities of interpretation of such persona resonates familiarity, “Dance is the way you move, the way you stand absolutely still. The art of control. A dancer is someone who has an absolute control over his moves, an artist is someone who has an absolute control of his artwork. The photographer - about what we see.”

Photography is about control. You control the moment and put the intensity in one borderline frame. You control your subject in suitability of your art direction. You control and freeze that look of those emotions while putting them in adjectives.

Photography is about control.


Because Joachim Baan said so.

Because his idea of smiles and contentment is by living on the top of a mountain, without getting disturbed for a year while his frowns and augments of sighs sit heavilly on his shoulders when he does not have enough time to make all his creative ideas come true.

And these strong emotions that determine your passing of everyday, time plays a more eloquent role more than the ticking hands in the watch on your wrist.

He is as interesting as any train of thoughts can get. Based in Netherlands, Joachim shares with us the art of his craft. He is also a great prose writer although he was in an envelope of humility to compliments, “I have to confess that friends and family edit most of the texts I write… so, that compliment goes to them!”

Good writing is not about grammar, it emblems one with depth of content.
Photography is not about the photos. It is about liberty and open interpretation. It is as simple as he described it to be:

“The green and dreamy atmosphere of a summer evening, the smell of rain and flowers floating outside the manor and the sound of crickets in the background. Colours are soft, the air is thin... In a split second you see the perfect composition, a setting which resembles how you perceive the world; a pure moment of grace,"

Joachim Baan,
Photographer. Graphic Designer. Thinker.
Metropolitan. Art Director. Talent.

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