Wednesday, August 23, 2006

New Mastermind: Jochem Leegstra, founder and creative director of ...,staat

Jochem (1972) studied Visual Communication at the School of the Arts in Utrecht (HKU). After an internship at the PMSvW/Y&R advertising agency in Amsterdam, he was selected for the post-graduate Art Direction program, (part of HKU, based in Amsterdam).

However, before starting his post-graduate study he had already launched his career as the art-director for the commercial division of AT5, the TV channel specifically for Amsterdam. After a period of 3 years of AT5 (with as a result, hundreds of low-and-no-budget commercials, and the experience to think also in frames, seconds and motion), he went on to use his creativity for Club MAZZO, one of Amsterdam's most famous nightclubs. (1980-2004 R.I.P.)

As the creative director of MAZZO he was responsible for the visuals, communication, decoration and look and feel of the club... The cutting-edge work that Jochem did for Mazzo (wildpostering, graphics, flyers etc.) quickly caught the attention of brands like Heineken and Nike...

and at the beginning of 2000 ...,staat was founded.

(this is the nutshell version)


...,staat's work can't be categorized, 2D, 3D & 4D. (they're looking forward to 5D.) Without pretending to know it all, ...,staat do believe they can apply their vision and creativity to every subject and their eclectic portfolio represents their wide range of clients and expertise. In their portfolio you will find quite a spectrum - from commercial to cultural - including brand identities, visual identities, bars, objects, postage stamps, books, and interiors. They always push their limits and those of the brands they work for, creating unexpected outcomes that don’t necessarily match the briefed deliverables but always the briefed objectives.

...,staat is managed by Jochem and Julia and they work with a core group of 18 people.

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