Thursday, August 24, 2006

New Mastermind: Monique Mulder, founder and creative director of Mattmo concept | design

Over more than thirteen years Mattmo develops medium independent projects. Essential in their work is the exploration of digital technology, the search for the integrety within the technology and emphasizing the soft side if ICT. In their design processes, they do no consessions, because this is crucial within visual communication.

Monique has been educated at the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague and in Groningen (the post graduate study at SCAN, which is now named the Frank Mohr Institute, Instute for (Post) Graduate Studies and Research in the Arts and Emerging Media) where she obtained a Master of Arts title in Computer Graphics & Science. She has worked at several research laboratories for new media technology abroad, like the "Zentrum fur Kunst und Medientechnologien" in Karlsruhe and "Art+Com" in Berlin. She has been a member of the jury at "Imagina" in Monaco, "Ars Electronica" in Linz, Austria and the Art Directors Club Netherlands [ADCN]. She's a visiting lecturer at different institutions across the world, where she gives masterclasses, lectures and workshops.

A constant in the work of Monique is the theme of "the shifting of perception and tolerance in behaviour". This can be related to the individual, as well as his surroundings as in a much broader context. For example the shifts in society and applications in the field of new media technology. The new media technology contributes to the shaping and understanding of the functioning of our body of thought, our memory, space, time, distance and movement. The change of usage possibilities and ways of communication derived from this, create the possibility to make existing invisible areas visible.

Intuition is the means of transporting our passion, devotion and inspiration, and intuition can be found only by letting go of dogma and by medium-independent thinking. Intuition works like a collective breeding ground from which our team can draw. You need courage to be open to this, rejecting compromise and accepting no boundaries. The need to enter into new territories makes the unknown alluring. You must be able to let your frame of reference evolve, creating innovation with intuition as your guide.
We are nomads of thought who can combine reason with instinct. For us, the excesses and the dynamics, the overlap and the initial stages leading to change are all within the nuance. it is an insight, not a form.

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