Sunday, September 24, 2006

I/M/D is supported by Ableton

Ableton is about fifty software developers, business people and product specialists. The company is run by Gerhard Behles (CEO) and Bernd Roggendorf (CTO), its original founders, and Jan Bohl (COO/CFO). Most Abletons are active in music production, performance or DJing.

Ableton makes software for creating, producing, and performing music. Their flagship product, Live, has introduced a new approach to making music with computers on stage and in the studio that some call revolutionary. Live has received outstanding feedback from the international press and artists. There are now several hundred thousand Live users worldwide, and the number is growing fast.

When Ableton was founded in 1999 as an AG under German law. Live was introduced to the market in late 2001. Ableton Inc., our United States subsidiary, was incorporated in 2006.

Where Ableton headquarters are in Berlin, Germany, in the central "Mitte" district, near many great clubs and music venues. Ableton Inc. is in New York, on Manhattan's Lower East Side, also near great clubs and music venues.

Ableton started in order to realize their personal vision of a computer-based music-making solution. They now enjoy working with a team of exceptionally bright and talented people, and take gratification from serving and interacting with the Live user community, the coolest they know.

Take a sneak peak inside Ableton by watching the movie (Quicktime)

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