Monday, September 04, 2006

The Ten Truths of Branded Storytelling

In our million channel world, its is the brands whose customers tell the best stories, that win. Yet how often do we give them"real stories" to tell? How many of the things we communicate make their conversations more interesting? As I just got invited to the Ogilvy Brussels’ Summer Camp on Storytelling (aka. the best BBQ in town), I thought this would be a good excuse to give it a shot.

Truth 1: Seek the Story to Rule them All
Truth 2: Great Stories Come To You, If You Listen
Truth 3: Amplify Those Stories That Others Can Tell
Truth 4: Connect your Branding Efforts to Your USP
Truth 5: Connect your Story Efforts to Your Bottom Line
Truth 6: Know Your Classics (yet don’t get hung up on them)
Truth 7: Storytelling is Not Just About Words
Truth 8: You Don’t Need to Tell it All
Truth 9: Let Go of the Illusion of Control
Truth 10: You Cannot Fake Authenticity

By Alain Thys atFutureLab

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