Saturday, October 14, 2006

New Mastermind: Annedien Hoen, creative strategic consultant

Annedien works as a freelance creative-strategic consultant and is a real MultiMind. Clients and friends call her a "silent pioneer" and "creative genius".

First plugged into the Internet in 1997 and hasn't been unplugged since then, is interested in innovation, modern mysticism and quantum fysics, suffers from pronoia, reads about 7 books at the same time, likes classic cars, is elusive and a passionate observer. Shouldn't drink as much coffee as she does, is a sucker for chocolate, doesn't eat meat and enjoys salads with many ingredients, a cold Jupiler from the tap (a large glass!), red wine and pasta. Combines analysis and creativity.

Has worked as an identity designer (specializing in logos), webdesigner, marketing consultant, branding consultant and currently focuses on creative-strategic matters. She initiated, a community of internet related creatives, (a weblog about innovation) and is currently involved in various projects.

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