Sunday, October 22, 2006

The not-so-friendly side of the social-networking phenomenon

Aleksey Vayner says that he has been mocked and threatened as his cover letter and résumé have been spread on the Web

"Mr. Vayner's experience shows the not-so-friendly side of the social-networking phenomenon. While sites such as YouTube allow aspiring comedians or filmmakers to share their creations with millions of others, they also provide the ideal forum for embarrassing someone on a global scale. Materials can quickly make the rounds on blogs, via e-mail and through online hangouts like MySpace, becoming all but impossible to contain."

Read the full article at New York Times and watch his resume below.


Steve Portigal said...

I had somehow missed this story when I saw it in the NYT yesterday; it seemed like (from their reporting) that it was the biggest thing since the Star Wars Kid.

I checked it out online, since a print story about an online phenemonon isn't quite satisfying. is probably the place to read the key postings about this guy.

And, as has been happening lately more and more, a different source provides a very different story. The NYT would have you feel a bit bad for this misunderstood earnest dude, whereas the blog reporting seems to indict him much more strongly as someone who has had this and much much more coming for a long long time.

Marcel Kampman said...

Probably this will works out fine for this guy, already putting him in tv shows, so he will have a job anyhow or just receive a pile of money one way or the other.