Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Feed Your Head

Enter The Adfeed. It's designed to appeal to Ad people with a whimsical illustrated style-and it does a nice job of mixing up images with link/feed content. The Advertising on the site is not overly intrusive either. A good thing.

So if you have not made the move to personalize an aggregator and you would like all of your advermarketing content in one place-this might be for you. The Adfeed includes content from:

Adage, Adweek. Print Ads. Adrants. Adfreak, Agenda Inc., NY Times, TV Spots, A Variety of Podcasts (American Copywriter, Across The Sound, ect.), Adverblog, Media Buyer Planner, Design Charts, MIT Advertising Labs, ClickZ, Daily Quote, Logic + Emotion, PSFK, Seth Godin, Beyond Madison Avenue.

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