Sunday, November 05, 2006

Introducing Zune by Microsoft

Microsoft is going to fight the monopoly of the portable audio players by Apple with Zune. Will it kill iPod? Will it devide the portable music player world in two world like with the pc's? Time will tell. Yes, they took a good look at iPod and iTunes, so they didn't have to start from scratch to conquer an entire new market. And spiced things up a bit, but hey, it's Microsoft so money is no issue probably. I think the Zune will make the iPod better. Competition is always good. I can't wait what the next generation iPod will look like and what it's possibilities are. Hopefully also with a bunch of new features like Wifi, larger screen, extended battery life or changeable batteries, a phone, voice recorder for recording podcasts anywhere, a flashlight, if it has a phone it should also need a (photo/video) camera and full organizer functions, a next generation clickwheel, profiling based on your music plays to meet people in real life with similar music interests based on location based services, possibilities to add audio to places in combination with google earth so you can really make music the soundtrack of your life, iTunes linked to Time Machine (incorporated in Leopard, the new release of MacOsX) so you can see what you listened to in 2006 when you live in 2013 so your children can relive your music history and laugh at you just as they do at how you look now on photo's, etc.

But hey, it's Apple. You never know.

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