Wednesday, November 08, 2006

New Masterminds: Martijn Lambada and Jorn Bartlema of ...,staat and everything agency

A time well spent.

Martijn and Jorn met at ...,staat creative statements and spent their first day together on a Nike international retail case; a team was born. With strong creative and strategic minds together they focus on brand relevance and are able to think in a broad range of executions, from campaigns and events, to books and interiors.

Ever since Martijn was given a soldering iron at the age of four (to great dislike of his mother) Martijn's life was all about creating. Exploring the magical world of washing machines, floppy disks and VCR-players. Remodelling the existing world, realising his own. While others were playing their fair game of hide and seek, the odd boy was creating lush soundscapes using modified tape recorders and worn 80's records. Although never quite understood, performing for a select and very patient audience, gave him the ability to further develop his creative skills.

The introduction of the Philips p2000 home pc was a turning point: all the tools to unleash creativity bundled in one tiny box with a black&green screen. Although very limited, the power of the little computer was pushed to its limits. Spreadsheets became video animations, the 4 bit audio-interface the foundation for his first ever symphony.

During the years to come, his interests kept expanding. Together with DJ Destroyer he founded the pirate radio station "Overdose FM" which, due to a faulty assembled antenna, only provided him megastar status amongst his direct neighbours.

Aged 16 Martijn directed his first ever video clip to accompany his solo record which was published in a very limited edition of only two copies, sold out in advance.

In the years that followed Martijn discovered late 18th century Russian poetry, the internet and girls on the internet which kept him busy for a couple of years.

After high school Martijn was educated in graphic design, artdirection and visual communication. He worked for various clients and agencies on a freelance basis before joining ...,staat in 2005.

To this day Martijn's life is still about creating worlds: light-music-sound-art-science-installation-advertising-design-video-concept-worlds.

Jorn studied political science at the University of Amsterdam and the Hallo(c) Academy for Applied Creativity. After working several years in marketing, he started at ...,staat as conceptmaker and copywriter in 2004. That's when his life took a new direction: he met Martijn. Jorn's bio is short because Martijn paid him EUR 1000,- to use his space for the pre-publication of his life story.

Martijn and Jorn work as concept creatives at ...,staat creative statements and are founders of everything agency (agency for the non-existing).

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