Monday, December 04, 2006

From Here to the Ocean

COMPILER*02 – "From Here to the Ocean" is proud to present a group of outstanding films and clips about the never ending longing for the great, deep, violent and mysterious ocean. More than a compilation about dolphins, treasures, and adventurous diving, this DVD puts us on the way to a place that will never stop attracting our desires. "From Here to the Ocean" brings together multiple, if not paradoxical points of view, some of which involve humour, romanticism, criticism, irony, and sunsets.

“From Here to the Ocean” is an homage to George Greenough and to his film Echoes from 1975. George Greenough pioneered in the 1960s the in-the-tube water photography, created the modern surfboard fin, inspired the shortboard revolution, and broke new ground in surf cinematography. He is a key figure of surf history and its most consequent outsider.

COMPILER*02 – From Here to the Ocean includes films by Olaf Breuning, Group, 2001, Trisha Donnelly, Let’em, 2006, Drew Heitzler, Subway Sessions, 2001, Emilie Halpern, Solar Kisss, 2003, Hanspeter Hofmann, Drill, 1999, Marie Jager, The Purple Cloud, 2006, Shaun Gladwell, New Storm Sequence, 2000, Los Super Elegantes, Dieciseis, 2005, directed by Miguel Calderón, Hans Weigand / Heimo Zobernig, 1992

Acknowledgements to e-Flux.

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