Thursday, December 28, 2006

The new Adobe icons and branding

'Huh?' might have been your first reaction looking at the image of the post below. Sure it was mine. What happened to the Adobe illustrations they use for the applications? The butterfly for Indesign, the feather for Photoshop, the flower for Illustrator? Well, they simply got cancelled. As Adobe had a recognizable visual language and Marcomedia too. So, they did a total rebranding of all icons and branding for their applications.

Read all about it at Veerle's Blog


Jeroen van Erp said...

Hey M,
Is this 'the max' (as the Belgiums would say)? Don't think so. It's a typical compromise which makes me think of a boardroom with 14 people which has to make a decission. I think they're quite aloof and not fitting the brand. They're more like the icons in the periodic system of elements (chemistry, school, remember?). They will not stand in a separate context. Let's wait for the next generation in four years.
Ciao and be careful with the firecrackers.

Marcel Kampman said...

Agree. This version proposed by one of the commentors at Veerle's Blog is already more close to something 'ownable'.