Sunday, January 21, 2007

Stock Exchange of Visions

100'000 visitors in five weeks for the exhibition hosted by the Centre Georges Pompidou in Paris. A success that will be replicated in other important museums around the world.

After exceeding 100'000 visitors in five weeks, one week more than planned, the Fabrica - les yeux ouverts exhibition closed its doors in Paris. The undisputed success of the exhibition with critics and the public alike has been complemented by the interest other important museums around the world have shown, requesting to host the exhibition.

Some 3'000 people visited the 800 m2 of Fabrica's eclectic installation every day. A varied, actively audience attracted by the exhibits - innovative and documentary, playful and refective - which reflected the many fields of interest of Fabrica, the hothouse of creativity and innovation founded by the Benetton Group.

From interactive projects, which required visitors' active partecipation, to documentary ones that narrates stories from around the world, Fabrica's various installation attracted great curiosity. In particular, over 52'000 people stopped at Stock Exchange of Visions, where interviews with scientist, artist and futurologist on the future of oure planet could be consulted.

Stock Exchange of Visions is now a website which invites visitors to become aware of the future of the planet.

Through Stock Exchange of Visions the public can see and hear a series of interviews with artists, scientists, sociologists and futurologists - people who have a vision of the future and discuss culture, environment, resources, economy and society.

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Marcel Kampman said...

Great project, this semester we will be working on a project somewhat related to this. Hopefully the outcome will reach a lot of people too.