Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Mobile penetration among online European consumers aged 12 to 24 has reached 84%

That's about 5o million users. More than the average mobile user, this youth segment is open to what mobile product managers have to offer in terms of advanced features services. We found that youth use their mobiles more often than adults, exploiting a wider range of services and phone features. We also found that basic SMS is still the most widely used non-voice mobile service in this segment. It also remains by far the most popular method to get content like ring tones and news on the mobile — more than 60% of young consumers use these services. Although young consumers are tech-savvy, they only adopt those services that have real benefits. Product managers need to understand more than just the mobile behavior of this segment to see that untapped opportunities for new service development lie in connecting mobile services with popular online social media.

Source: Forrester

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