Monday, February 12, 2007

New Masterminds: 178 aardige ontwerpers

The agency '178 aardige ontwerpers' has been developing and designing communicationconcepts for different types of clients since 1998. From their studio in Amsterdam they help both big and small, commercial and non-profit organizations to start up interaction and dialogue with internal staff or specific external target groups.

Types of media 178 uses to start up interaction and dialogue are: print, web, film and events. The communicationconcept determines the choice of media and the way means relate to eachother.

178 aardige ontwerpers are:
Joost Hoekstra | senior designer
Erik Hoogendorp | senior designer
Jos Kluwen | senior designer
Frederik Nysingh | new business & strategy
Merel Sas | senior designer
Annabelle Schweinbenz | junior designer

In 2006 '178 aardige ontwerpers' published the book 'Form is content'. '178 aardige ontwerpers' is the first agency to join the Pool of Masterminds.

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