Monday, May 14, 2007

New Mastermind: Theo van der Vlugt, copywriter/conceptmaker

Theo van der Vlugt (1957) became copywriter/conceptmaker in advertising, after a study Linguistics and Literature.
I was one of te founding partners in VVSW advertising, and since 1995 operating as a free-lance copywriter/conceptmaker.

I’m one of the very few copywriters who – after many years -still like the writing part of the profession, while most of senior copywriters only keep interest in the creating concepts and seem to forget the real writing skills.

To me it’s a challenging job to connect sets of brand-values with the needs of good copy, in such a way that different people can act as the voice of a company or a brand, in several disciplines as direct mail, webpages, packaging, advertising and more.

Don’t bother me with the idea that people don’t read anymore and that copy should only be short.
The question should be: ‘What do we have to tell them?’

I’m working with pride and pleasure - and in good company! - for Albert Heijn, HEMA, Randstad, Zilveren Kruis Achmea, Ministerie van Justitie, Unie van Landschappen; for advertising agencies and directly for clients.

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