Wednesday, July 11, 2007

New Mastermind: Kris Moyes, director

Since 2005 Kris Moyes has been instrumental in sculpting the cool, hipster visual aesthetic for international record label Modular Recordings with at least one video for each artist on their roster, and a hand full of MTV, MVPA, Australian Dance Music Awards and ARIA awards and nominations for every video.

In 2006 Moyes directed Wolfmother’s ‘White Unicorn’ video and masterminded the defaced version of the same clip under the guise of Banditobruce. This generated a huge amount of discussion and interest surrounding a new defacement genre.

His stop-action animated video for Softlightes ‘Heart Made of Sound’ (see post below) was a huge success and has since garnered a lot of worldwide attention.

As an animator and live action director, Moyes is able to successfully change his style to suit each project, creating a unique aesthetic out the concept and not the other way around.

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