Sunday, July 15, 2007

Steve, please make Apple greener!

Taken from Sustainable Day:

The latest from Greenpeace is this great photo-book addressed to Steve Job’s himself. The images in the book are a compilation from artist and students from around the world all with one wish in common, a greener Apple…

This past year, Greenpeace has been rigorously criticizing Apple for their lack of leadership in the green consumer electronic space with a Webby award winning parody Apple website that has gotten a lot of attention. The message from Apple customers and fans is clear, it’s not enough for the company to be a leader in design, it must also be equally innovative when it comes to the environmental footprint of their products and services. Nine months after the parody site was launched, Steve Jobs personally published a letter linked in the front page of the actual Apple site disclosing their competitive past in the area of responsible environmental practices and declaring an upgrade and change of policy with regards to the reduction of environmental impact in their products going forward.

It will be interesting to see how quickly the Apple design teams can educate themselves and be able to incorporate sustainable principles into their creative process. They have set the bar extremely high in the consumer electronics market and so consumers wont be easily impressed with baby steps. A more energy efficient, slightly less toxic and easy to disassemble for recycling ipod wont be enough, I for one, wont be changing my beloved 2nd generation Ipod until a model made from things like renewable biopolymers, nanoparticle ink based print circuitry and inductive organic light emitting technology is incorporated in the soon to come touch screen phone ipods.

Apple, the ball is in your court now so let’s see what amazing play you come up with…

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