Saturday, August 18, 2007

Update | Mastermundo

Put in you calendar: Interactive / Media / Design (I/M/D) at the KABK brings you 'Mastermundo' at Todaysart. At Mastermundo, a bunch of masterminds from the 'Pool of Masterminds' will come to share their passion with the visitors. This pool consists of prominent people from a whole range of disciplines, both national and international.

At this moment the participants are:
Michael B. Johnson (MPG Lead, Pixar Animation Studios, USA)
Régine Debatty (fulltime blogger;
Kris Moyes (music video director; The Directors Bureau, USA)
Derek Cheshire (innovation strategist, UK)
Zachery Jean Paradis (innovation strategist, experience designer, USA)
Arjan Dingsté (architect; UN Studio NL)
Fons Schiedon (designer, illustrator, animator, NL)
Erwin Blom (Head VPRO digitaal, NL)
Jeroen van Erp (Creative Director, Fabrique Communication and Design, NL)
Monique Mulder & Paul van Ravestein (Creative Director & Art Director, mattmo concept | design, NL)

More names to be announced soon!

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