Monday, October 01, 2007

New Mastermind: Devon Reid: poet, soul coach, New shoes today crew, NL/CA

Devon's work as a soul coach focuses on facilitating and teaching people how to love themselves and enabling people and the organisations they work for to create from their deepest passion.

Coaching women in business over the last five years, Devon developed her interest in the missing 'feminine principle' in Western organisational life and is co-creator of, an open source 'creation dialogue' on feminine energy and a new development tool for discovering 'soul' in any organisation.

Devon has developed her own coaching process to support women and men in soul centred professionalism and facilitates workshops on love, relationship and the feminine in the Netherlands. Together with the crew at new shoes today she plays a part in transforming personal, social and organisational paradigms to create a more life affirming sustainable world.

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