Thursday, March 06, 2008

Steve Jobs Announces VOiP For iPhone

Taken from Wired:

iPhone on the loose!

There are a lot of pieces to an SDK. But the APIs are the most important. Cocoa is based on mouse and keyboard for the Mac. CocoaTouch is our UI framework for the iPhone.
There are four layers for the iPhone OS. Core OS, Core Services, Media, and CocoaTouch.
The Core OS is the same kernel as on the Mac. The networking layer is the same on Mac OS X. Power management — the core OS handles it automatically. Core Services: Address Book — your app can talk to it.
SQLite is included.
Core Location — location aware apps included. Media Layer: Core Audio, low level API on Mac OS X, same on iPhone.
OpenAL, 3D audio rendering on the phone
Video playback, H.264. Core Animation — easily create layered animations — almost every animation you see on the phone, is built on Core Animation. Media layer is all hardware accelerated.
CocoaTouch: Multi touch evens, and controls, accelerometer.
Web view — the Safari engine can be imbedded in an application. We think we're years ahead of any other platform for mobile devices. Comprehensive set of tools. Xcode — our dev environment. Enhanced to support the iPhone.
Xcode knows the API in the SDK.
So it code completes.
Xcode will do remote debugging for the iPhone.
Next tool: interface builder.
GUI interface design. Can do it in drag and drop. Have a library of UI controls and drag them into your canvas. Can connect UI to code from within Interface builder.
Next: Instruments. Our suite of performance analysis tools. Does it remotely to the Mac.
These three tools we've had running on OS X. We've enhanced each for the iPhone.
New tool: iPhone simulator. Simulates the entire API stack of the phone on a Macintosh.

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