Monday, November 10, 2008

Snickers "Tag" by Spy Films & Unexpected

HD version

“Having the whole city as the playground for two animals chasing each other” - we liked that idea from the very beginning. As we were coming from the heat of Arizona shooting “Rugby” on the abandoned airfield, we loved the idea of having lively streets, with people interacting with the creatures, being annoyed by them. That was what we - Alex and I - used to do as young skateboarders; go as fast as possible, try not to hit anything/anybody and quickly get away if we did. So to have been able to do this spot was kind of a dream come true, having fun without consequences!

Of course we could not be too ruthless - we could only go as far as ruining the cars’ roofs when both animals decide to take the shortcut. The damaged police car in this scene is the actual car that escorted our film crew through the city. For the heavy traffic scenes they were extremely useful - as soon as we approached a crossroad they accelerated, blocked the streets and we had kind of a free ride through the city.

The post-production was quite fun - the hardest task being the animals’ animations, of course. Having them made realistic but still a little bit “larger than life,” the compositors put a huge amount of detail into each shot to seamlessly integrate the gnu and the cheetah into the live action footage. And, of course, like all our previous Snickers spots, we hid quite a bit of small visual goodies for the trained eye.

You can find them in the HD version if you watch carefully - at eight seconds playtime, for example, there´s a big sign in the middle of the road which shows a rhino silhouette, saying “No rhinos in this lane” - which is a reference to the last Rugby-spot with the rhinos, of course, and the first Snickers spot “Gliders,” where such a sign existed on the real set in the opening scene which we changed to “No gliders in this lane” in post.

Oh, and in second 13 you can see two heads on a sign above an store entry - this is Andrey Ivanov and Nick Megvelidze, the Creatives from BBDO Moscow that idealized all Snickers spots. We featured them in the “Rugby” spot as well - on the t-shirt of our hero playing in the spot!

*interview by motionographer

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