Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Wearable Media

Ride.Link - Scenario from MIT Mobile Experience Lab on Vimeo.

The Province of Brescia in collaboration with MIT Mobile Experience Laboratory are developing an innovative system for youth that uses wearable media and a social network to promote social sustainability.

Ride.link is a platform comprised of social networking, reputation management and referral systems.

Users register on the Ride.Link social network and obtain a wearable bracelet containing an alcohol sensor that communicates with the system so friends can organize lifts with friends to avoid drink driving. Drivers and passengers can enter preferences online in their user profiles.

“The system is designed as open platform to promote social connection and trust, and with the goal to strengthen the communication among communities and with institutions”.

Available on the Ride.Link website is a video available demonstraing the making of the system:


from cluster.eu

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David Wieland said...

but who picks up the drunk guy's car? :)