Sunday, August 23, 2009

Milk or sugar? All things customized!

Are you, perhaps, about to buy a new samurai sword, bicycle, sleeping bag, lingerie set, skateboard or perfume? Maybe a customized version is best for you. Make sure to check at first.

In this earlier post I noticed a flow of customized products and I kept track of new online customizable things ever since. That became a long list and the list became this website: We're posting new reviews every day.

You may now create your custom drums, scrabble board, watch, machine parts, wallpaper or lego model, and much more. Reviews of a built to order fire extinguisher, guitar, radio controlled car, protein shakes and kanu are in progress. The range of things you can customize is widening rapidly. And customization is going beyond a print on the outside or simply choosing a color.

Conceived by Stan Davis in Future Perfect (1987), further developed by Joseph Pine in Mass Customization - The New Frontier in Business Competition (1992), the concept of mass customization is now becoming reality.

Enjoy. Please share and send feedback!

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