Friday, March 26, 2010

I/M/D Student Presentation at Yogja Art Academy.

Yesterday morning I (Victor Zwiers, 3e year student) held a presentation about my work and department at the Yogjakarta Art Academy (ISI) in Indonesia. The presentation was held for a group of 30 students from various departments and lasted 2,5 hours. This presentation was part of my residency at Ruang MES56 to support the local art scene of Yogjakarta. The art education here in Indonesia is still in a pre-mature state and students are being restricted by a inefficient educational system. My presentation ended with a discussion about modern art and the progress of contemporary photography in Indonesia, which was actively participated regardless of the language barrier.

There was quite some interest in Interactive/Media/Design as department because of its focus on personal and artistic development. This presentation will be followed up by a workshop Conceptual Portrait for students of ISI, which I will be giving together with some members of Ruang MES56. More about the progression of this workshop will follow soon.

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